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IP security starts before there is a threat. It begins the moment a unique idea is developed and depends on everyone Interacting with an understanding of the risks and abiding by a risk management process.

It is estimated that the Intellectual Property in organizations carry more than 75% worth of most organization’s assets. The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property determined the annual cost to the U.S. economy exceeds $225 billion in IP theft. Business is now banking more on the intangible than physical capital making it critical for organizations to understand and properly manage their IP. Let’s talk about the challenges!

CHALLENGE: IP Identification

IP is often scattered, one patent filed in one office and another field elsewhere not appropriately identified by the multiple parties. Is it registered, in the process or just proprietary can create separate identification systems. And the most vulnerable of all are your Trade Secrets.


A private, time stamped, tamper resistant, immutable, distributed, digital fortress would create a permanent record of any Intellectual Property and Proprietary information . Since it is private and no one can access without permission, even Trade Secrets could be cataloged.


Printers, copiers, scanners, employees’ personal devices, laptops, and desktops are usually networked and connected to remote management systems, cloud applications, and file-sharing services which all leave the IP floating freely unprotected and unsecured.  Some proprietary in nature and some registered IP – all of it at risk.


As long as employees, vendors and third parties are unaware and not held accountable your IP information will float freely. The addition of an IP handbook that details appropriate handling of IP and the acceptance of the policy held in the blockchain will create awareness. A blockchained agreement emphasizes enforcement and accountability for maintaining the IP location as directed.

CHALLENGE: Access Control Contract

When anyone accesses your IP is there a record, do you know who and when? The biggest risk for IP theft is with employees. According to Sapio Research 72%of CEOs,71%of CMOs, and 49% of business leaders admit they have taken valuable intellectual property (IP) from a former employer.


The same fortress used to catalog your IP and Proprietary information can be used to create a permanent record of any Intellectual Property traffic. As the information is shared it can be “logged out” including a timestamp and an explanation to project code.

CHALLENGE: Employee Education

Do your employees understand the importance of intellectual property (IP) to your company and steps that they should be taking to protect it? Are your employees putting your company at risk for unintentional IP theft, with a picture copied from the internet without permission or a download of a licensed software not licensed to you.


Risk is best mitigated with a system where all your employees understand what IP is and how it should be handled. Identifying and creating an Intellectual property policy that is comprehensive is the first step. Asking each employee to sign the policy and placing that policy acceptance in a tamperproof, timestamped, immutable fortress secures that information for any future needs.

CHALLENGE: Protective Agreement

Is there a system in place that requires IP or Proprietary information be protected by the appropriate contracts and ensures compliance requesting contracts for anyone accessing IP and/or proprietary information. When signed are they kept in a secure location?


Consistent and complete use of protective documents by any individual who has or will have access to any of your registered IP or Trade Secrets is essential. Invention Assignment, Licensing Agreements, Work for Hire, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Competition and others are all contracts that can be kept permanently, time stamped and immutable in the tamper-resistant fortress.

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