Blockchain Cyber Security & Risk Management

Who We Serve

IP Fortress is the answer for anyone responsible for protection of any type of Proprietary information.

We partner with our clients to develop risk mitigation and patent-pending blockchain solutions in any industry by embracing both new technology and innovative risk mitigation strategies. Our clients are Attorneys or Business partners that desire a system that Prevents theft and Protects the integrity of contents, creates a time stamp and securely chronicles your information.

Any intangible creation of the mind that needs to be protected to produce a limited monopoly on that creative property. IP is traditionally broken down into four categories based on the legal protection process. IP fortress changes that perception to create one initial process to prevent and protect ANY proprietary information from conception. Your protection begins as soon as you place your secret into the IPFortress system.

The early adopter wins the client. IP Fortress positions our clients to be cognizant of unique developments in technology and risk management then ensure they are implemented to address fresh demands. Making them the go-to protector of intellectual property.


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